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I am Shogo Hamada, English teacher at St. PigeoNation's, and a sub at MOA Academy. I look forward to helping all of my students.

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flirtysenpai replied to your photo: COLOR YEAH. So he ended up looking a lot like his…

hana’s gonna kiss it

She’s gonna kiss Dojima


So he ended up looking a lot like his FC anyway… ahaha…

Well but his FC was perfect, that’s why I chose it.

Anyway his hair color is different I guess. And his eyes are yellow with a red ring around the iris.

bleh bleh bleh fuckin’ sketchy doodley ref barf all over the place.

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Hamada with normal and short hair cut respectively

Yeahh gotta color

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"I did not know that you and Eijiro have already gone to that level. Should I congratulate you or…?"


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Trencalòs (Gypaetus barbatus) (by forcat9)




Lammergeier / Bearded Vulture (Gypaetus barbatus)

Photos from IBC (x, x)


Polo Ralph Lauren

Imacchin entered the classroom.



“Oh, I know Murasakibara, sorta. I could give him pointers, but….Lord Sensei Hamada, I have a secret. I have stage fright. I can’t do all the acting. It upsets me. Kinda stupid, huh? Me, who isn’t afraid to make a fool of himself going on and being terrified of acting in front of everybirdie…” 

"It’s not stupid. Stage fright affects the best of us. I think I remember reading somewhere that even some high-profile actors and actresses had stage fright. Even though I’m not quite familiar with that sort of industry or profession, it certainly doesn’t seem stupid to me. Have you tried doing various exercises to help overcome it?"

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